Terms & Conditions of ticket & token sales

Normal licensing laws apply and we enforce the ‘challenge 25’ scheme, meaning anyone who looks under 25 will be asked to produce appropriate ID to prove they are over 18.

Even with a valid ticket, event staff still have the right to refuse entry or eject persons from the event should these people be too under the influence of drink or drugs, rude and abusive to any other person at the event.

No animals except trained support dogs are permitted at the venue.

The organiser can cancel the event only for good reason. In the event of cancellation for any reason, or the need to close the event during session times, dependant on circumstances we may not be able to offer a full refund.

Please do not purchase too many drinks tokens, as these cannot be refunded. Tokens can be purchased singly at the event. Any left over tokens at the end of the event cannot be refunded, however we will have charity collection boxes at the exits, which tokens can be offered, which in turn will be changed into a donation to our charity partner.

Email confirmation will act as the ticket. If you lose your ticket, we will have a record of event filed under your email address.

Purchased tickets cannot be refunded.

We have the right to add your email address to our database. If you do not wish to receive our email concerning future events, you will have the option to unsubscribe.

It may be necessary at the event for event staff to issue safety and other instructions to you. You will be required to follow these instructions, or maybe asked to leave the event and venue.

Please note these terms and conditions are here for the safety of you, other guests and our event staff. Please ensure you adhere to them and read thoroughly.